Pandy & Partners is a partnership of attorneys offering complex legal services in Slovak, Hungarian and in English language with offices in Košice, Kráľovský Chlmec and Veľké Kapušany. Pandy & Partners represent diversified clients, including companies with national relevance, self-governing bodies, as well as its citizens. Our priority is to offer the most precise legal services possible to all of our clients.

In the field of legal assistance we offer complex legal services including formation of companies, contract drafting, legal analyses, professional advice, representation in judicial proceedings, as well as before other bodies and organizations.

Long-lasting praxis and cooperation with the best authorized experts guarantees quality of the provided legal services to our clients.


Cooperating partners:



Budapest, Hungary



TTZ Ügyvédi iroda

Budapest, Hungary



Eva Jeny

Zagreb, Croatia



Székely & Formittag

Oradea, Romania


Civil law

In the field of civil law, our law firm offers legal services that comprise of contracts drafting, legal analysis, recovery of claims, law of succession, damage compensation, including representation in proceedings.

Family law

Pandy & Partners provides legal services in the field of family law including representation in divorce procedure, settlement of relations to children, adjustment of child support, and in matters of community property.

Criminal law

Our firm offers complex representation in criminal proceedings in Slovak republic, including pretrial defense.

Real estate law

Our services include contract drafting, representation in Land Registry procedures and in other administrative or judicial procedures.

Labour law

Our law firm offers legal services in the field of labour law that include drafting of employment contracts, termination of employment, legal analysis, exercising of employee and employers’ rights, recovery of claims as well as representation in judicial procedures.

Corporate law

In the field of corporate law, our firm provides such services as formation of companies, corporate changes, dissolution of companies, legal analysis, recovery of claims, representation in proceedings.

Administrative law

Our firm provides its clients representation in administrative proceedings before public administration authorities, preparation of applications and submissions as well as legal analysis of the dispute.

Intelectual property law

Pandy & Partners offer complex legal services in the fields of intelectual property law, including registration of trade marks, granting of patents or registration of designations of origin for products and geographical indications for products.

Partner of public sector registration

We offer our clients legal services associated to the duty of registration as a partner of public sector in the Slovak republic.




  • The largest provisioner of rail freight transport services in Slovak republic.
  • Petroleum refinery in Slovakia with the largest retail network offering motor fuels and lubricants.
  • Representations of several cities and towns as self-governing bodies in Eastern Slovakia.

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JUDr. Peter Pandy, LL.M.

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JUDr. Dávid Pandy, PhD.

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077 01 Kráľovský Chlmec

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P.O.Hviezdoslava 56
079 01 Veľké Kapušany
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JUDr. Peter PANDY, LL. M.

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JUDr. Dávid Pandy, PhD.

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